Yes this is my kool diary!
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2003-08-05 06:09:33 (UTC)

my life teehee

ok i just had my baby 9 weeks ago! he is getting so big!
His name is TYLER. He was 7lbs 5oz when he was born now he
is 12 lbs =(. Jesse and i are doing good but i hate that he
never wants me to cuddle with him while we sleep it makes
me so sad =( I love him so much but he never wants to be
touched he have been together for 19 months. He is going to
be starting permediac school soon and im going to be so
lonely becuse the classes are long and he needs to do
ridealongs and he is also going to vounlteer at the fire
dept. until he goes to fire accaddy im going to miss him so
much. Well when i was pregnant all my friends ditched me so
i dont have anyone to talk to now i know they were not my
real friends at all!! That makes me feel like shit =( i
wish they still talked to me but they dont well life goes
on! Im 18 yearsold and have a baby boy and no life well he
is my life but i kinda wish i would have waited to have a
baby i was on birth control and so how still got pregnant!
I was so sad but now that my baby is here i wouldnt trade
him for anything i used to be 110 lbs now im 130 it is so
depressing to me becuse i was so pretty i could have any
guy i wnated now im stuck with Jesse my whole body is
coverd with steth marks i hate it! if any girls read this
taht wnat to get preg please dont if you dont want to get
so ugly that you dont even want to look at your self!
well this is hella long so this is it for today.....