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2003-08-05 06:09:22 (UTC)


I'm pretty darn sure I'm sick of my family and am getting
to the point where I don't want to see them, hear them or
have anything to do with them. Parents atleast. Arthur and
Daniel are still okay at times, but it pisses me off when
they get more freedom and say they earned it. I will never
have that since I'm a girl so my sickness grows, Can't wait
till Germany!

I GOT A NEW GAME! To keep me away from eating all the food
and to not be bored anymore. It's Devil May Cry. I loved
the demo, and the new one was only 16 bucks with tax so I
had to get it. I was thinking of getting crash bandicoot as
well, but that cost more and combined it would be like 35
bucks maybe. I did want a cute game like that so that it
won't scare me when I'm playing at night. Oh well.

Oh, and I found out that Devil May Cry will be a movie in
2005. Amazingly I hear of these things and I keep wanting
to audition for it. Then I realize it prabobly won't be
filmed here and I prabobly don't have a chance so, I'll
keep trying on other movies though. Maybe someday.

Oh, and my plan for now is to not have a job, just boost my
spirits, have fun, spend my money, (all of it,) and get my
stuff neccessary for Germany. Then leave for Germany and
have a blast. :0)

We will see how it works

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