Spiritual Journey: Book of Shadows
2003-08-05 04:48:36 (UTC)

The Goddess and God

She has platinum blonde hair. It is wavy but not a strand
is out of place. It cascades down to her lower back. She
has a thin waist. Not too large, but not very small
breasts. Her dress is a silvery material, that could not
occur in nature. It is sleek and it look so light and
comfortable. Her skin is slightly pale, but not
disgustingly. She has the largest, blue eyes and plump,
amused lips. Her legs are long and you can see they are
built underneath that gorgeous dress she is wearing. Her
feet our bare.

He is a centaur. He has dark brown slightly curled hair.
His shoulders and chest are broad and his waist is narrow.
His eyes are a honey color that are nothing other than
loving. His arms are muscular. His lower half which is the
body of a horse is rippling with muscle. The dark brown
mahogany color of his coat is without a blemish. His tail
is black.