Spiritual Journey: Book of Shadows
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2003-08-05 04:09:46 (UTC)

The Craft Terminology

Adept: A person who through serious study and
accomplishments is highly skilled in a particular magick

Alter: A special flat surface set aside for magickal
working or religious acknowledgement

Ankh: Egyptian heiroglyphic meaning life love and

Bane: Bad, evil, destructive

Cabala: Ancient Hebrew magickal system

Call: Invoking Divine forces

Charge, The: story of the message from the Goddess to her
children (I'll type up a version and put in here later)

Gaea/Gaia: Mother Earth

Green Man: Another name for the God

Macrocosm: The world around us

Microcosm: The world within us

--Obviously I will be adding more to this daily or even
hourly so this isn't all