Steva's Life
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2003-08-04 22:17:01 (UTC)

Maine was fun

Sorry i havent written in a little while... I've been busy
traveling :-) read below :-)

Well, It all started with me going to maine to see Felicia
Finley In evita, witch was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i left Monday morning at 3:15 am, And I had gotten to
the Train station at about 2 am, because i was falling
asleep and didn't want to fall asleep and miss the train...
So i got there early and stood in penn station waiting for
the train to come in and the time went by pretty fast... :-D

So then i noticed the people that let people down into the
tunnel where the trains are, and they were standing by one
of the Gates and trains only run every hour in penn station
at that hour so i knew it was mine :-D yey!!!!!!

So i went over and i stood there for a little while and the
sign on the wall by the gate lit up and said it was my
train and i was like yey!!!

So i went down stairs and got on the train and sat down and
got my CD player out got a cd and then the guy came along
and Took my ticket and then i leaned against the wall of
the train and fell asleep for a little while, about 3 hours
and then i woke up and the sun was rising and it was really
pretty becuase we were in Rhode Island and right over the
ocean and it was soooooooooooo pretty :-D yey 6 am!! :-P

And then we got in to boston about 7 somthing, and I got
off becuase i was transfuring there... So i got off and Had
to take the orange Line to North station becuase we had
been let off at Boston Back bay, so i did that and boston
trains suck ;-) oh wait i already knew this ;-) lol.

So i got there and i was a little early so i waited there
for a little while and then the train came and i went down
to the platform and got on the train and did the same thing
got my CD player and CD to listen to, and then person came
to get my ticket and then i leaned up against the wall "I
was listening to ZANNA DON'T! YEY!!!!!!!!!!" But i didn't
fall asleep... sadly... so then about 2 hours late i got in
to wells maine witch is the next town over from Ogunquit
witch is where i was going :-) so i got off and i asked the
lady how long it was to get to Ogunquit and she's like half
an hour or so, and i asked if cabs go out there, and she
said of course, and she gave me the number of one of the
cab company's and i called and had them send a car for me,
and i waited about half an hour for one to come and i
talked to jane on the phone witch was interesting....Then
the cab came, and they took me in to ogunquit and i was
happy to be back there :-D yey! and i was very early for
check in becuase my mother said i could get in before 3pm
check in, becuase they're usally done :-) But they werent
and said that would get it done around 3, so i got a key to
the Marginal Way "Witch is a Walk way right on the edge of
the ocean its about 2-3 miles long and it leads you from
the beging of town to the cove" So i entered and walked
along and went down to the cove and had lunch at orweed
witch is at the Center of the cove and right on the ocean
and its yummy :-) lol. And i had a table right on at the
edge of the Marginal way, witch then came the rocky beach
and the water and it was pretty :-D

So then i walked around the mini town in the cove and did a
bit of shopping for my self getting a few things then i
walked back to the Hotel and asked if it was ready and they
said no, so i got hte number to a cab company so i could
get a car to the Playhouse so i could see felicia, And then
i needed the number for a flower shop, near by, and i got
them, and so i called for a cab and they said i could have
one pick me up at 7, so i ordered it, and i called the
flower shop and had them deliver flowers to The theater for
felicia finley, and they did and then i walked to town and
picked up some cash for the cab and wlaked around for a
little while and then walked back along the road and went
to to the flower shop, and ordered another bunch for me to
pick up at 6:30 and take them with me to throw to her.
Then i walked back to the hotel and they said i was in luck
and could have my room :-D yey :-D yey!

So i went to my room and put things down and sat down in
the window over looking the Ocean and just rested for a few
minutes then i decided to go for a little dip... so i got
my suit on and went out to the water....

i put my stuff down on the beach and i walked down to the
water and it was FUCKING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i waded in
for a little while with stops to get out and back in, and i
got to my waist and said fuck it. So i got my stuff and
went to the room and had a hot shower witch felt good.

I then got dressed and sat in the window again and then
watched some TV and then took Karissa's book down to the
front lawn over looking the Ocean and i sat under the
unbrella and looked out at the ocean and read part of the
first chapter and then i had to go inside and get ready.

So then i walked up to the flower shop witch was just at
the end of the drive way for the hotel and some bed and
breakfast's, and i picked up the flower and then walked
back to the Hotel office where the car was meeting me, and
then it came and i found out then that it was a very short
walk from my hotel to the playhouse... So i got to the
playhouse and everyone's like ohh are those for me "All the
people who work at the playhouse mind you" And i'm like oh
these are for felicia she's a friend of mine and they're
like ohh! aww! :-D and then they took the flowers and put
them behind the bar in a vaze and i talked with the Bar
People for a little while and then the doors opened and i
walked in and it was my first time in the playhouse and i
was like holy shit... lol....

So i walked to my Seat and it was 5th row center, because
felicia put a good word in for me so i got house seats ;-)
lol. ! And people came and sat next to me and we talked
about felicia and stuff and i was happy about that :-D

So the intermission came and i was just in total shock
becuase of felicia's performacne and i was Blown away by
how good she was.... and so i walked out the back of the
theater door to the lobby and went to the bar and got the
flowers and then walked back in the theater and everyone
staired at me and it was funny i felt special ;-) lol.

So i got to my seat and put the flowers between my legs on
the ground. And i told the lady's beside me that i was
going to sneak out right before curtan call so i could
stand at the stage and throw the flowers to felicia. So the
show started again and the second act was shorter then
normal shows, and the show ended and felicia was crying
becuase of the charector and she walked back on the stage
and she was just stoping crying to bow and i threw her
flowers and She bent down to get them and looked me and
started Crying again and i was like ohh! i made her cry :'(

Then i ran out and Got to the stage door and waited for a
few minutes and then i went in to get her becuase she was
taking forever :-P And she cam out and we talked for a few
minutes. Then She had to go to her Apt. And i had to get my
cab witch was just in the front of the theater and she
walked a different way.... So i got back to the hotel and
turned on the TV and lied down and fell asleep i was really
tierd... :-)

Then i got up the next morning and Went down to have coffee
and Wake up and then i went to the front porch and Read
more of karissa's book, witch is really good :-D And then
i went inside and got my self a shower and then went back
in to the cove and Got lunch around 11:30 at a
reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly good resturaunt,
and i couldn't eat it all its was an amazing pasta dish :-D
and then i walked back to the hotel by The roadway not the
ocean walk way, and looked at all the Pretty houses and
what not, and then got back to the hotel and put my Doggy
bag in the Fridge in the room, And then went down to the
Front lawn and read some more and then went inside about 4
hours later and Checked to see if our friend Francine and
bud had checked in or not, and they had like 2 minutes
before i called and then i walked down to see them and the
door was open and i walked in and said hey, and Francine
and i sat out on they're porch over looking the ocean and
talked for a little while then went in side the room and
bud joined us, and we talked for a little while and we had
a few glasses of Wine and talked and then i had to leave at
6:30, because i was going to walk down and wasent sure how
long it would take me to walk there.

So i left them. and walked to the theater it was a really
pretty walk, and a very short walk not even 20 minutes, ;-)
lol... so i was early :-P

And i had found out that jeff was there. with his sister.
and they were seeing the show, and they were in they're car
and were going to find somthing to do becuase it was just
about 7, and so i got picture's around the theater and
inside the theater and what not and the Press stuff in
front of the theater and then i walked over to felicia's
Hotel room and Nocked on the door and she was in the shower
so i let her do that and said i'd see her at the show. so i
walked back to the theater and sat out side the theater for
a little while and then jeff and his sister came back and
parked and we talked for a little while and i showed them
the gazebo witch was the mini bar that they have out side
the theater to the side, and then i showed him where the
Stage door was, and then walked back to the front of the
theater and hung out for a little while, and then went in
the theater and saw the show, and then went to the stage
door Felicia was amazing by the way ;-)

Felicia Came out jeff, his sister and i were standing there
and she hugged me first and then jeff and shook his
sister's hand, and then we talked for a few minutes and
Jeff's like i could only make it up for this one
performance and felicia's like see this guy "Pointing at
me" well he's made it for 2 so far and going to make it 4
all together! yes that's right 4! and then slapped my arm
and i was like ouch ;-) and she laughed and then jeff had
to go with his sister and i walked felicia and a few other
people back to the hotel and then we ended up having a Mini
Party witch was cool! :-D yey! and the party went on till 5
am, and then we decided to go to sleep so i passed out on
the floor of her room and then about 6 i got up and told
her i was going to go, i didn't want to look weird coming
back to the hotel looking funny,... mind you i was very
very drunk as was felicia, ;-) lol. And i was terrable
Hung over.

Francine came out and had coffee with me and i told her
what happened... and i had gotten her a ticket for the
afternoon show from felicia becuase they said they were
sold out so i got a house seat and it was great ! :-D
So then Francine and i decided to Plan to leave at 1:30 to
get there early "The show started at 2:30" "Who know's why"
And then i went inside to rest a little bit and then i went
out side beacse i wanted to spend a little more time on the
ocean because i was leaving on thursday, So i went to the
front lawn and read more of the book, and i finished it and
it ended at a major major part of the book... and i want
more ;-) lol.

And Jane called me and we talked for a little while and
then francine came out and surprised me and i ran back in
side becuase i didn't relize it was 1:30 i was so into
everything :-) so then we went to the show and had a great
time and francine came out to the stage door and met
felicia and we talked for a little while and felicia and i
were supposed to get together for dinner aftehr the show
but we didn't end up going becuase she had a Phone
interview... but that was ok, That comes first i want her
back on broadway :-)

So Francine and i went back to the hotel and DJ and Gabby
were there "My Couzans" and francine made lunch for us all,
and we had a little bit of food and then we went to the
front lawn and Had a few drinks and i played with the
kids "After the drinks ;-)" And we played for about an
hour and then i had to go to the theater, because i was
seeing it again that night, and i saw the show and she was
amazing yet again... and i went to the stage door and we
hung out for a little while and she told me some good
news... i can't say what because she wasent supposed to
tell me becuase her agent told her not to tell anyone ;-)
lol.... but when she tells me that i can speread the word
i'll let you know :-D lol...

So then i walked her back to the Hotel and then i went on
to my hotel and fell asleep... i had packed that day so i
didn't have to do it that night, and then fell asleep and
then got up the next morning about 6:30 and got coffee and
then left for the train.

Then i got back to New york and eneded up going to amanda's
and partyed for a while and then went home, and slept i
needed it ;-) lol.

Then its been party's every since... and who know's what
going to happen now ;-)

Well that's all i have to say that was a long entry ;-)