2003-08-04 22:10:15 (UTC)

my get away spot

this weekend i took a trip down to oceanside again. i think
i would consider it my get away place. all i do is just
kick back with my family and they are all just layed back
people, and i love that. In L.A there is so much going on
that if you just try and stop for one second it is like the
world stop spinning. But in Oceanaide the world has already
stop spining except the pain you would have to sacrafice to
get there ... you dont. Now i dont no if that makes perfect
sence but when you down here you feel a certain turn in
your stomach that you only get when your here and it is an
amazing feeling. this is my get away spot to which only im
aloud to come. to which i am the only one welcome, to
which i am the god. this is my one and only get away spot.