Spiritual Journey: Book of Shadows
2003-08-04 04:07:22 (UTC)

Different groups

Alexandrian Tradition: Founded England 1960s; Alex Sanders;
modified Gardenarian

British Traditional Witch: mix of Celtic and Gardenarian;
covens are co-ed

Celtic Wicca: Celtic/Druidic Pantheon; heavily stress the
elements, nature and the ancient ones; vast knowledge and
respect for the healing and magickal qualities of plants,
stones, trees, flowers, elemental spirits, the little
people, gnomes and fairies

Caledonii Tradition: Hecatine Tradition; Scottish in origin

Ceremonial Witchcraft: great deal of ceremonial magick in
practices; Egyptian magick or Qabbalistic magick

Dianic Tradition: Margaret Murray 1921 "The Witch Cult in
Western Europe"; mixture of various traditions; recently
prime focus on Goddess called "feminist"

Eclectic Witch: does not follow any particular tradition;
learn and study from magickal systems and apply to
themselves what works best

Gardnerian Tradition: Gerald Gardner England 1950s

Hereditary Witch:

Kitchen Witch: One who practices by hearth and home

Pictish Witchcraft:


Satanic Witch: One cannot be a satanic Witch because
Witches don't believe in satan


Solitary Witch: One who practices alone

Strega Witches:

Teutonic Witch:

The Wiccan Witch:

--Obviously I will be adding more to this page every day
possibly every hour, but for now I'd like to move on.

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