Alisha's Journal
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2003-08-04 03:33:25 (UTC)

im....i dunno

It's been a LONG time. I don't even remember the last time
i wrote in here. I've been pretty busy. Between my thoughts
in my head, drivers ed, sleep and work, i have no clue as
to whats going on around me. lol...and that could be bad.
Hmm...i find myself not sure as to what to do with
anything. My ex boyfriend...really likes, and trusts
me....but, i dunno...i can't go back to him...and i can't
even figure out why. My ex ex boyfriend, is STUPID and is
in "love" with me...and wants to get a TATOO of my NAME.
How gay! And then i have this guy friend, who i kiss....but
there is supposed to be no attached feelings besides
friendship...but, damn, the way he kisses gets me....and i
HATE THAT!! haha...and then theres this other guy, i work
with him...he's just so cute! And he has this,
man....but then again, theres this other guy, who would be
the perfect boyfriend, hes not really cute...but
still...AHH. haha. I have 4 summer reading books to read 4 weeks, it AINT gonna happen. but hey! IM GONNA
BE A SENIOR!! yAY!!! okay...i gotta go. ttyl!

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