Spiritual Journey: Book of Shadows
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2003-08-03 21:15:38 (UTC)

The Good and Bad of what I have decided

I first became interested several years ago. Me and my
little sister loved to play witches... So I thought I could
find some hokey spells on the internet(I'm not trying to
offend anyone I'm telling how it was I discovered this
unique religion I was only eleven). As I opened up some
sights I was confused to find people take "spells"
seriously. After continuing this small discovery I came
upon a sight called Puzuzu Things. www.spellsandmagic.com
This site said that it was not intended for children and
was for adults. Either I thought I was the shit eleven year
old and should be considered an adult or I just didn't
care, I went in. I read some of the things and was
fascinated that you can change your life so completely. I
never tried anything he said in there because he
said, "those who dabble will pay the piper." That
thouroughly freaked me out, but not enough to not read it.
I've been reading the site ever since. I have read many
sites about paganism, and have been sucking up everything
the internet has to offer about Witchcraft and the Wiccan
Way(including some of the sites that said it was evil work
of the devil). My fascination has become consideribly more
intense as the years have gone by. Now I've decided to do
something about it and if you are reading my online diary,
you are sharing the experience with me. I've been reading
To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver Ravenwolf. I believe
this book will truly help me and I highly suggest it.

I can't wait to gain more control of my life. To be able to
change my life for the good is an amazing and wonderful
feeling. I want to grow more calm and have a much larger
amount of knowledge than I do now. I need to have control
of my love life. My heart is on my sleeve and I'm
continually being hurt by the man I most care about. Money
and good fortune do not come easily to me. But I desire
both and I believe Witchcraft can help me come to my goals
like nothing I have yet tried.
There is not all good in what I plan to do. Acceptance from
my family may be a struggle. I am lucky though none of them
have a set religion and they are very accepting of
alternative lifestyle. This will take a lot of work and
study to truly master the things I find necessary. I will
have to follow traditions that are not very well known and
support will be hard to find.

I believe the positive outweight the negative and I am
prepared to accept a new lifestyle. I promise in a year
from now I will reread this page and see what has changed.
August 3, 2003
Misty Cooper

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