random mumblings
2003-08-03 21:00:00 (UTC)

hi, my name is...

my name is...
my name is...slim shady

ok, so i got a laptop from work, because the other IT
manager quit and i didn't get his office so i decided that
the laptop in there was the next best thing. it's not bad,
resolution is nicer than the monitor i had on my CPU, but
the CD player doesn't fucking work on it, so i couldn't put
XP on it, which means i'm stuck with millenium which bites
my ass. just so you know. also since i have a new
computer i have no tunes so i've been trying to think of
some good ones to download, if anyone reads this please
recommend some cause my mind is blank (although anyone who
reads this regularly should know this by now) ;) so the
weekend was boring, helped elizabeth move on friday and
that was all i did...yes it sucks. i was planning on going
to casinorama with my parents on saturday but they decided
to go without me on friday. my mom won $400 which is cool
but it still sucks cause i wanted to go ;) kirk's computer
is down so i can't even chat with him. tomorrow is a
holiday monday up here in canada, but i'm not getting paid
extra or getting the day off cause my bosses are a bunch of
a-holes but at least i get a free lunch and a free laptop
so i can't complain *that much*, although that won't stop
me from trying ;) i wonder if alicia came home for the
weekend. after 2 months of contemplation i think that i
didn't love her, i just loved the sex? or am i just trying
to convince myself that i just loved the sex, not her ;)
who knows. so it should be all boring as fucking hell at
work tomorrow...i'm under the impression that the americans
have a holiday as well, so the banks/ABA won't be open so
there will be nothing to do...mebbe i should bring a
book ;) i had hoped on going down to the computer shop
this weekend to see if it would be cheaper to get the CDROM
fixed on this machine, or just get a USB one, but it was
pissing rain so i never got a chance. does anyone know how
you clean a laptop screen? i'm gonna assume you DON'T use
windex, but i could be wrong...it's happened once or twice
before so it's possible it could happen again ;) my mind
has totally gone blank, is it possible to get ADD at
25? ;) i can't even think of a song to put on as my song
of the day and i'm just rambling because i'm so fucking
bored. i have nothing to complain about which is a good
change, but i think i;m still manic. i had a horrible day
on monday and tuesday, but those are the two busiest days
at work so that could have something to do with it. oh, a
funny story, when i asked for this laptop they were like
what do you want to do with it, and i was like "oh just
surf and whatever until i leave the company" and jim was
like "leave the company?" and i was like "well you know
eventually, i'm probably not gonna work here till i'm 65"
and he was like "why not?" and i was like "well i can't
afford to buy a house/car/etc. on $11/hr" and he's
like "you won't always be making $11/hr, think large". so
take that for what it's worth...which admittedly isn't
much. so most of my weekend was spent working through
Bronstein's "Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953",
i'm finished 21 rounds out of 30 so i'm ahead of my pace to
get it finished by christmas. that's pathetic...i can
measure the year 2003 by remembering i read Zurich 1953?

oh well i'm off to see if i can find some tunes...later