Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-08-03 20:02:52 (UTC)


I am so...tired. I finally went to bed at around three,
then got up at 8 which would have been okay but i was
walking around a theme park all day. I got called a...wait
for it, a tramp-by a townie which makes no sense as I
wasn't the one wearing a tracksuit and naff trainers.
Aparently he called me it because I was sat down, instea of
going on a ride. Now, if he had said this to my face I
would have put him straight. I fucking feinted almost from
the heat, I'd had no water or anything to eat I felt sick
and I was tired. It didn't really bother me--I know the
bastard will get some 14yr old up the duff, and end up
dying of throat cancer from chain smoking att he age of 30.
I hope so.
Today has been alright, actually. It coast fucking £14.50
to get in!! and the drinks and food were stupid prices.
Grr....nothing I can do, s'pose.

Man, my head hurts so mood is the opposite of