2003-08-03 15:48:49 (UTC)

Sunday's been a long week and I am exhausted. I'm not sure
if I am getting too little sleep or maybe too much. But I
am sure it is too little because I dont go to bed until 2-3
and dont wake up til 10. But I dont sleep well. I have a
lot to think about, alot of stuff going on that I have to
deal with. One thing in particular that I am not supposed
to mention until atleast October...I guess that depends on
the date. But I have a lot of other stuff going on and I
work EVERY day. Im pretty sure that I am going to be
working 4 weeks straight without a day off. I have next
weekend off at Allegro, but I am working at Pease that
weekend. My job isnt hard, a little stressing at times...I
think it is the fact that I am at work that makes me tired.
Last night I had problems with my car. Me and my Dad
figured it out. I got it home, it was very dangerous...but
I made it. Dad wasnt here until this morning.
Misty's Dad sent her an email that I am not supposed to out of respect, I am not going to. Misty has the
right to keep things to herself. It doesnt matter what it
is. If she doesnt want to tell me, she doesnt have to. I
trust her and I am sure she feels the same way. I know her
dad doesnt like me...for reasons I do not care to know. Her
whole family is like that. Honestly..they need to get a
grip. There are only a few people in her family that I
respect. Im sure there is atleast one that doesnt know or
think so. Sometimes I wonder what is going through their
heads...what they are thinking and why...or if it just
plain ignorance. I used to respect both of her
parents...but some of the shit that they have put their
daughter through...I dont feel the same way anymore. Im not
saying that there is's getting closer to
being obsolete. Well..I'm headed downstairs to get ready
for work.


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