Spiritual Journey: Book of Shadows
2003-08-03 04:36:51 (UTC)

Witch: my beginning thoughts

I believe a witch is a human being who takes the energies
of the universe and the energies inside of themself to
benefit them in ways until not too long ago I didn't think
I believe witchcraft is the actual rituals of taking the
energies and using them.
Society now is significantly less harsh on witches than
it was in the past, though it is unnecessary to point out
the obvious (we no longer burn witches, nor do we drown
them). The Christian religion says: "Thou shalt not suffer
a witch to live." Ouch. Oh but I must say I have never met
a true witch or wiccan that has a green face or a big nasty
wart. No one considers it stylish to wear a tall, pointed
hat... I can't forget to mention I have never seen a witch
eat a toe, a finger, or any other human body part. But
cannabalistic tribes have.
My goal by the end of this journey: To be in more control
of my life and happiness.

Misty Cooper
August 2, 2003