Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-08-02 08:59:13 (UTC)

Ok people

You can put the picket signs down. Walden's called today,
I got muh book. There shall be no protesting today. kehehe.

Ahhh, Megatokyo, full of its wonderful comics, up to 144
pages. Deee-light-full! It'll gimme sumthin good to read
on muh way to Colorado (4 days in counting!)

I think my dog is gettin arthiritis, he can barely walk
down the steps let alone jump on the couch. It's actually
quite sad. I really don't wanna leave him :( But it's a 15
hour drive in a small ass car with 4 grown people and a
baby and not to mention the weather has been in the 100s.
He would be miserable.....It sucks man. But I gotta do
it...Just wish I had somebody tell me I'm doin the right
thing leavin him for a week.. He is sleeping now, on his
little pillow I made for him when he was 2, can't believe
he is 9 now. It's rather depressing seeing the gray
showing up around his nose. Poor guy, first he has to deal
with a baby crawling all over him now he has to face
getting old.. :(

Ok, gettin depressed.....

On a light note! I'm headed to the Raven Cafe tomorrow
night to listen in on the Open Mic. Looking forward to
hearing what all the poets have to say...Open Mic is quite
interesting. There was this one lady this one time who
kept crawling and rolling all over the stage...It was
weird, but cool.

Ok. I'm Hungry. Gonna go grab a piece of cake and read my
daily online comics.

Toodles, Poodles and Ramen Noodles