It smells like poop over here
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2003-08-02 07:22:29 (UTC)

i'm afraid that you've become...

...everything that you have hated, im waiting, for this to
go away." well said midtown. im really not sure what im up
to. i still live with rick and bea. gay john is moving
into MY bedroom tomorrow. yeah, that's right, there is a
gay man moving into this apartment and who is also going
to be sharing a bedroom with me. i hate that idea. im sure
it's not going to be as bad as im making it out to be, the
kid is just a little sexually confused. he's never had a
girlfriend or a boyfriend, now how in the hell is he gonna
know if he's gay or straight. if anything, im betting he's
bi or bi-curious. trisha can't get an apartment wuth me,
not now at least, she says, "just wait a year". yeah
right, i am not about to wait a fucking year before she
can move out. half the point of moving out of one's house
is to not share a room with someone. i haven't done that
shit since i was like 6.
anyway, jared has to move outta his place pretty soon,
im trying to get him to come to the west side. i like it
out here, close to hfcc, lauren, trisha, leah, eric, bea,
rick, matt, casey (my boy from work) and plus i already
got a job out here. plus there's really nothing back on
the east side for me. mike, sasha, nick, rich, shawn, joe,
lauren, but dave, laura and tom are moving back to state
in the fall, so i'd be closer to them. and jermaine is
like 20 minutes away in an arbor, so id be right in the
middle of everything. anyway, in less than a month, ill
either have my own place out her on the west side with
jared, or be bac on the east side with jared and mike, or
ill be sharing a room with a sexually confused fat kid.
maybe ill have sex tomorrow. PEACE