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2003-08-02 04:13:51 (UTC)

August 1st

So, it is now the beginning of a new month and the end of
another. But actually it is 12:03a.m. which means it is now
Saturday. It's alright.
I just got out of work, I love my job. At times its
hectic...eventually it all smoothes out. I work at Allegro
we test and inspect computer chips. Right now I work on the
heat sensors that they put in BMWs, Audi's, VW, anything
imported. I take these tiny chips out of a tray of 150 and
slide them down a long tube into a handler. Inside of the
handler it is 150 degrees celcius. Its checks them and
either rejects them or puts them in a good bin. I sort them
out from there.
Misty is across the room doing a visual inspection. I dont
know how she stays awake...But I guess she has some pretty
cool conversations over there. Once in a while she wanders
over to my side..but rarely. We get lunch and breaks
misty is sick right now. and I think I have strep again.
So we're resting alot. I hope she will be ok. I know I can
tough it out unless it is really serious. But when she gets
sick it gets the best of her and all I want to do is make
her feel better. If she gets any worse I am taking her to
the doctors and if it is this weekend...I am taking her to
the ER.
She doesnt know it yet, but I am making her breakfast in
the morning...and I will have a nice warm bath
waiting...Anything for my baby.

We have to work this weekend (putting in the overtime)
I better get going if I want to wake up on time.