2003-08-02 02:44:49 (UTC)

A Lazy Summer Day

It was a lazy summer day for me. I went for my usual two
mile walk this morning, followed by breakfast and some
housework. I knit for a while. After lunch I sat down to
read just for a while but ended up falling asleep and took a
two hour nap. When I woke it was just in time to start the
chili and cornbread for dinner. I watched the news, did a
bit more housework, watered the garden and flowers and now
I'm thinking again I'll go read. Or maybe I'll put on the
Miss Marple video I was watching last night when I fell
asleep. I'm not quite sure where I need to start as I think
I would doze for a while, wake up and watch a bit, and then
drift off again.

I have a bit of an ear ache which I think is part of what is
making me feel so tired and sleepy. Maybe it's the
cummulative effect of all that heat for the past few days.
Still, I'm grateful things are quiet and peaceful. Stress
is coming the next two weeks with a potluck, ice cream
social followed by three nights of VBS.

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