Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-08-01 20:29:13 (UTC)

sleep give me....zzzz

Matt = sick, accident prone musician

in the last week I have burnt my arm (twice), mangled my
toe, and run into many things and gotten many bruises.

I am slo always sick...constantly coughing and spitting soon as I get health insurance in the next week
or 2 I am going to go and get checked out.

tonight we played a show...I would say we rocked out. My
vocals felt a little flat and my mike kept screwing up but
overall I felt confident. I love looking out and seeing
friends and familair faces having fun and singing along. I
can't wait to do this for a living.

I have to be at work at 9 in the morning and I am on this
box. All I ever do is work now...or I am doing band yeah I have no life...i need one bad...and

So yeah I think that is it...
so i guess I will go

movie-wow I haven't had a free moment but I think it was a
little bit of the majestic which over all is good
music-new mxpx is amazing buy it when it comes out
book-um technically I am reading the same book but once
again I have no time to read.