Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-08-01 16:06:43 (UTC)

The 1st of August... school is comming _

Hey, nothing really exciting happened the past few
days. Except for jc going back home. He's been over all
summer. School is comming up again. I hate it so much
though. Its always in the way of what I do!
I'm still very much in love with Astrid. Haha, she
feels the same way about me ^_^ I feel so good being with
her. Kind of like a dream actually... Shes having problems
with her harsh mother though. I know how that is though...
not really. But most of my frends have a similar situation
I think we could just run away together when we're
both 18. But I could take her to my house! :) Its nice
here, and I'd hate to leave my home that I love. I don't
think I could ever stop loving that girl.... I've never
felt this way about anyone ever before. I keep wondering
how long this will last. I wish it could be forever! If she
truly is the girl from my dreams, I guess we will be
together forever! ^_^ Well, I gotta go and find something
to do! Later