Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-08-01 15:53:52 (UTC)


After coming back from Spain, there's not been much too
write about because...nothing's happened. My family has
gone to Southampton for my Aunt and Uncles birthday, I'm
going to Flamingo-land at the weekend, i can't decide what
snake I want, and the dog's going for her hair cut tomorrow.
Nothing much is happening right now. I read in the
newspaper today that our GCSE results are going to be in
it. I hope not. I don't want some fucking school drop out
laughing at my D's and E's. Fucking hell...why does
everyone else get to see our results? I guess it's so
everyone can see what a great school it is.
Emi has a new boyf, S is messing around with the older bloke
(ugly-I may add), Read is still going out with that hiddeos
elephantman lookalike. I hate being ugly and boring. Waa-
waa, boohoo. I should go out more, meet people but I can't
be bothered.

Spain was good. I got a tan but...I was pale before so I
look....normal now.

I feel so ill today. I'm so dizzy and my stomach's all over
the place but I've not had any alcohol or much to's probably with getting up so early to see my mum
and sister off at the trainstation this morning.

Also today I downloaded the new messenger. I'd been putting
it off but Steve FORCED me to. It's horrible. Half the new
things on it are pointless.

A *certain young man* came online the other day, for the
first time in MONTHS. He's literally not spoken to me since
Christmas and I was sure he was ignoring me, but no...he
just 'couldn't get online'. He seems to have somewhat of a
drug problem but I'm sure he's just saying that for pity
and attention. Aw, bless.