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Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
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2003-08-01 07:57:54 (UTC)

Naughty Kitty

Goddam its been a while since I wrote in this thing... Has
it been a lack of excitement? Partly. has it been laziness
on my part? Mostly.
So...now that Im back Im sure you are thinking..."He must
have a super amazing topic in mind that will make me howl
with laughter and rethink my life goals.."
Ummm no.
I know peoples personal lives are not all that interesting
unless it has lots of sex and violence...Id like to give you
that interesting stuff, but to be honest, my life doesnt
have all that much sex and violence in it...
I did break my little toe last monday however..
"Ahh" you think.." some violence! Must have been in a
brutal fight with someone over racial slurs, or sexual
escapades that have bodily harm involved"
ummm no.
I was walking barefoot in my apartment when I stubbed my
little toe against the wall...it proceeded to get angry with
me and break itself..therefor causing me to use several
explicatives such as:
yes I broke my toe while walking...in my house...with no
objects in the way...with the lights on...Yes that official
makes me a fucking moron I know...but at least Im man enough
to admit it.