files of the weenie kid
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2003-08-01 05:35:40 (UTC)

It's been a while...

Dang, I haven't written in forever. Sorry about that. let's
see....I got a job, I scoop ice cream at Loard's Ice Cream
and Candy in Modesto. I attend Modesto Junior College. I am
driving a white truck right now that belongs to my dad.
I'll be driving that until he buys me a new car, and Acura,
stick shift, which I need to learn how to drive. I'm going
camping this weekend, leadership camp, it should be a lot
of fun. I took my midterm today and two assessment tests.
I'm really doing it. I'm going to college. I'm gonna get 15
units and when I go to the marines, I'm gonn aget a
promotion. YEEAH!

...I have a "special friend" yep,I do. For right now, we
aren't doing anything official, because we still have to
tell our parents about it. Which I am going to tell my mom
tomorrow, and he's tellin ghis mom when she gets back from
vacation next week. We're in no hurry to do anything, which
is really cool. I'm so glad that he doesn't want to rush
into anything. I mean, we've been best friends already for
a year, and we're barely realizing that we like each other,
I like it like this. No rush, just take our time, get to
know each other, and then start a relationship. I'm hecka
happy. It's really cool. =) Thi sis how it's supposed to
be, no sneaky crap, no mooga crap, no fighting or jealousy
crap, no crap. Not yet anyways, but if there was, we'd
totally get through it.

So I've been hecka busy lately, I lost 4 pounds in the last
month, which is really good, cos since I was gaining muscle
I was gaining weight, so now I weigh 124, and I'm hoping to
drop another 5 pounds this month, which shouldn't be too
hard if I keep the same pattern that I was doing in the
first place. I keep busy, watch what I eat, and exercise
regularly. I like working. I don't really like school, but
I paid for it, so I appreciate it, and I do my best. It's
just one of those things that I know I have to do. I'm
gonna be doing some basic water survival crap next week
with SSGT. Reyes and the pool.

This chick Melissa left for bootcamp last week, and I went
to ther going away party. She was pretty cool. I got to
know Sylvie, Victor, and Max. Melissa said she was gonna
write sometime while she was at bootcamp, which is hecka
cool, cos she'll tell me first-hand what it's all about. I
saw Happy Birthday George the other day, in his Class B's,
he just graduated bootcamp, he was all happy, he looked
sharp. That's hecka cool that he's doing something with his
life. Four more months till I can join!!! I sooo can't

Just for the record, I talked to Joe a while ago, and told
him that me and him have no future together. We are going
to keep in touch or whatever, but I'm gonna be smart about
it. I think that me and him were too close to just drop it,
we got along well, and had fun together and I don't think
there's any reason to drop him like a hot tamale, we've
both moved on and we're both mature, and I think we can be
in each other's lives and not get into crap. So that's cool.

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