Scribbles of my life
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2003-08-01 00:00:38 (UTC)


I did sooo good today, I only had a small french bread
pizza thing, 300 cals! And a little water and diet soda.
So I'm really happy for myself. I almost blew it, I wanted
to eat toast, with butter. If I screw up in the morning my
whole day is ruined, but I was good I stayed away from the
kitchen, and on the computer a lot. Right now I"m in a big
fight with my mom she can be such an asshole. She doesn't
listen to her kids, doesn't know them. And then fights
with us over nothing, and says we don't listen. She's says
I"m doing noting to about my liscense or college stuff.
And it's like well you don't support me in anything so piss
off! Can you tell I'm really pissed right now. Its like I
have to force her to do college planning stuff or to talk
about college in general. I haven't even gotten to vist
any, where all my friends have and they're parents are soo
enthusiastic. Plus I"m getting sick of her rude comments.

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