Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-07-31 18:55:23 (UTC)

Poem - "Under Cover of Dark"

I’m here in Missouri by the Kansas state line
For reasons I can’t even tell,
Bitter, confused, yet somehow amused
As I nod and pretend all is well.
There’s a shady spot ‘neath a tree by the lot
Where I silently sing to the sun,
I’m out of the rut and the knot in my gut
Is finally coming undone.
Chasing the fleeting line that’s receding
As the shadows diminish at noon,
I’ll burn like a bridge of abandoned goodbyes
If I don’t get out of here soon.
A saying you said now dwells in my head
Like a whisper of wisdom I learned,
We all look better under cover of dark
Because of what can’t be discerned.
What have I to hide but what’s in my head
And the scars that freckle my face?
But they stand too proudly and speak too loudly
For this cold and passionless place.
I’m a man with a mark in the melting pot masses
Where myriad men are marooned,
But if you stare for a while at my innocent smile
It’ll fall like a lead balloon.
As the ages grow newer there seem to be fewer
Places to pull out my bed,
But I won’t be denied a place to reside
And hide from the storm overhead.
So help me to see through the sighs and the eyes
That size up my soul for a sale,
Give me so much as one human touch
Where a mythical savior would fail.
Just stand beside me, there’s no need to hide me,
No burden will fall on your back,
Your smiling face is enough to place me
Where the idiot winds won’t attack.
The line between me and the sea of the sun
Comes closer every so often,
But there’s room for you here and no one is near
To drive the last nail in my coffin.
If what’s in your head can escape your sweet lips
And what’s in your hand is my own,
I’ll never ask of you anything more
Nor leave you with crimes to condone.