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2003-07-31 04:17:27 (UTC)

goodbye forever...

well this is the end... i've done all i feel necessary
here... well at least for now. summer is over and nothing
too big happened. a couple bumps but everything ended ok.
if by ok you mean i fucking hate most of my friends and i
cant wait til i graduate and move away from this shit
hole. this is where i'm spilling it all. fuck everything.
dude fuck being this shy kid that every once in a while
will open up to someone and have them throw it back in my
face. fuck that. fuck trust. trust is just another way to
get let down. dont trust anyone. anyone. anyone. nobody at
all. never. you're better off doing things alone than
trusting someone. fuck friendship. fuck love. fuck
everything. until something else meaningful happens i am
ceasing to use this diary. i have a blurty. username:

everything in life is meaningless
fuck trust
fuck loyalty
fuck friends
fuck love
fuck hope
fuck you

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