2003-07-31 03:33:24 (UTC)

Another Hot Day

It was hot again today and probably got close to a record
100 degrees but this evening there was a lovely breeze and
it cooled down quite a bit.

John put up the new locked mailbox. The post office didn't
like our old one because the slot was too small.

We took a quick trip to Junction City in the afternoon. I
had my blood pressure checked (it was good), did a little
grocery shopping and John ran into an old friend of his so
they chatted for a while. Then a stop at his parents'
house. We got some flower pots his mother said she couldn't
use anymore as well as some excess cucumbers from their
garden and had a nice visit.

I knit a couple of little miniature hats and started my box
of items for the Christmas bazaar. The little hats can be
used as ornaments, package tie-ons, for dolls and bears and
also put at plate settings for Christmas dinner, perhaps
with a little treat or tiny toy underneath. They're fun,
fast and easy to make so I'll probably make a few dozen. If
they don't all sell that'll be okay; I'll just use them
myself! I felt sleepy when I finished the second one so I
took a little nap and woke up at 8 p.m. just in time to
start dinner.

I'm going to start the dishwasher and the washer now and
then put on a Miss Marple videotape. It's been a nice day.