once again
2003-07-31 02:30:48 (UTC)

And he just forgot to tell me we weren't seeing each other

Well Rene really isn't talking to me. I really don't know
what I did, and I'm a little upset about this. I don't
know what to think about it. He barely looks at me, and
doesn't smile at me like he used to. So once again I got
hurt. It's like men just forgot to tell me that they don't
want to see me anymore. I don't get it.

It's not like I come on too strong, if anything I'm they
way they'd prefer me to be, laid back and easy going. So
I'm lost in this whole thing and I don't get it. I just
don't understand why I have constant agony with
relationships and everyone seems to get things to go so
smoothly for them. I just hate this shit so much.