The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-07-30 21:23:12 (UTC)

weird IMing, Wed 7-30-2003

poetpixie: hey... from where does your icon come ?
FeeriqueChanson: *giggles* I just had the feeling that
message should have said "from whence comes your icon?" lol
FeeriqueChanson: that's Radical-Edward from Cowboy Bebop
poetpixie: oh yeah!!]
FeeriqueChanson: =)
poetpixie: did i phrase my question poorly?
poetpixie: Tee hee
FeeriqueChanson: ?
FeeriqueChanson: lol no I don't even know if that was
proper English or not
poetpixie: ah
FeeriqueChanson: I just had this image in my head
FeeriqueChanson: of you talking that way
poetpixie: Tee Hee
FeeriqueChanson: like old victorian english style
FeeriqueChanson: or something
poetpixie: well i answer the phone This is She
FeeriqueChanson: really? It rings, you pick up and
say "This is She" instead of "Hello"?
poetpixie: AUGH
poetpixie: You are a pissant
poetpixie: i mean when people ask if Denise is there
FeeriqueChanson: oh I say the same thing when people ask
for me
poetpixie: tee hee
poetpixie: good
poetpixie: I ain't a english Major no more
FeeriqueChanson: that's right, I say "Denise is here" when
people ask for me
poetpixie: 'usedta be
poetpixie: Ha
FeeriqueChanson: I'm going to copy this conversation and
put it in my online journal
poetpixie: kewl
poetpixie: works for me
poetpixie: (inserts obscene comment)
FeeriqueChanson: lol
FeeriqueChanson: brat