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2003-07-30 14:54:07 (UTC)

It's Just Too Darn Hot!

Another day of 100 degree temperatures. It's not supposed
to last much longer and should soon cool to temperatures in
the mid 80's. That is, of course, if you believe the
weather reports. I'd like to but I've learned not to trust

I watered the garden early today, after my two mile walk,
and at noon I went to the church for the VBS meeting. I
have a list of crafts we're going to do now and I
need to start gathering the materials and then I want to
make a sample of each one. I also walked to the store and
bought a couple of bunches of green onions
for the macaroni salad and some frozen lemonade concentrate.

The ice cream social includes other desserts so I'll be
making blackberry pies and brownies and perhaps a peach or
apple crisp as well. I'm donating 25 pounds of sugar,
paper bowls and plastic spoons and I'll ask if there's
anything else I can donate. Our little church doesn't have
much money so every little bit helps.

Even in this hot, hot weather Christmas crafts have been on
my mind. I'm not making any, mind you, I'm just thinking
about them.