moe liljew

Could He be for me?
2003-07-30 04:00:53 (UTC)

whoa lol

Well i re read the previous entry... and all I can say is
Wow I can really vent. OOOO so exciting school is starting
in a month! oh hooray now i can actually apply myself to
something. The issue of a car still has yet to be solved.
Darn it! I hate being in this perdicament, always have. I
guess the bus really isnt that bad of an idea when you
think about it.. im just afraid of strangers.. i get
paranoid... i took a walk tonight and couldnt stop looking
behind me.. it was a bit over the top and not once did I
find someone following me.. just your typical freak...
thats me. Well jolly day.. or whatever that means.