crackheads thoughts
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2003-07-30 03:30:05 (UTC)

~Anything & Everything~

Hey...I thought I would come back & update since I havent
done that but once since school has been out. Even though I
really dont have that much to a dork!

I wish that Sound Distortion would get back together & have
a show...just so I can hear " Let it Go" & some more songs
that they sing...which that is the only one I know. But
Ryan said they other day ...that they kicked Wes out of the
Band...I told them to just have Wes for that one song then,
He just laughed at me & went on.

I talked to my friend Dagan friday night @ Nicki's party
thing. He's my friend...& he's kool. There were a lot of
people over there that I hadnt seen all summer.

WOW! I am soo bored... & for some reason im being the loser
that I am ...& waiting for Brandon to call. But mabey I am
not a loser...then again I think I am...But not because of

Anyway...a lot of stuff is going on in my life right
now...but I really dont wanna talk about it... cause im's will talk to e'erbody l8er

[email protected]~

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