Scribbles of my life
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2003-07-30 02:25:39 (UTC)


Ok, today I really really really didn't do so well
fasting. My day started off good, but then I went out with
my friend and had a small Lemonade Coolata and we all know
those have like a million cals in them, and a plain bagel.
So I decided I couldn't eat for the rest of the day, but
then my mom took us out for dinner and made me eat. She's
been noticing that I haven't eaten, and threatened to
punish me if I didn't eat supper, so I had some chicken and
fries, and a diet coke. So yeah, my day was ruined, I
probably gained so much. Well tommorow I can fast the
whole day if I want, supper included, because my mom won't
be home till 4 and I'm going out at 7, and I'll just tell
her I'm getting supper with my friends, then tell my
friends I allready had supper! Ya! Hopefully it will make
up for today.

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