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2003-07-29 20:35:17 (UTC)

Sweet Home Alabami

Well, it's done. About this time next week I'll be in
Alabami. Okay, here's the lowdown: I called work yesterday
morning to let Lennie (the boss) know that I wouldn't be in
until later that day and that I should have my car soon.
So, then I call the damn auto clinic and ask them if they
got my estimate yet.

***Now on a side note, I want to give some advice to anyone
living in the Lakewood, WA area: NEVER GO TO TVETSEN'S AUTO
CLINIC!...honestly they are pathetic and they don't know
anything about customer service. I had to keep calling them
to check up on my car...why didn't they call me back w/the
estimate when they figured it out? Why did I have to call
them 3 HOURS! after they opened? And then, why is it that I
had to call them that friday night asking when my car would
be ready (and about the estimate) available and they tell
me they're going to have to keep it until monday? So, if I
didn't call them before they closed, would they have just
kept my car and kept me guessing the whole weekend? All
signs point to YES. Damn bastards.***

Anywho...ok...sorry had to vent there for a second..where
was I? Okay so they give me the estimate and it's $1560!!!!
I swear to god my heart stopped! Like I couldn't hear
anything for a second or two I was in total shock! So of
course I tell the guy that there's no way I can afford that
and we breakdown the estimate and figure out what's
necessary to get the car back on the road. It turns out the
heating coil was the biggest single chunk of the pie and it
also wasn't necessary and they could bypass it...I just
wouldn't have heat in my car...ok...durr, it's summer
asshole! Even after taking out the heating coil the price
for the bare minimum to keep it running was $817! So, again
I had a mild heartattack and was in la la land for a few
seconds and then I just told the guy I'd have to call him
back. Now I'm freaking out and I call Nichole and tell her
I don't know what to do. I can't pay that much and I have
no other way of getting to work. Nichole just tells me to
tow the car to a junkyard and sell it for parts or sell it
in the paper for parts. So, I call my mum afterwards and
she wasn't there so I left her a uber urgent message to
call me back pronto. I start out for 7-11 to get the paper
because all I can think to do is sell the car for parts and
I'm going to have to quit my job and just move down to
Alabami now. I wanted to wait until the end of August but
w/o a way to get to work, I don't have a job. Then my mum
calls me as I'm walking down the road and she says, "Hey
what's going on?" and I just breakdown. Like I'm
crying so hard I can't talk and my arms are flailing all
over the place. Weird how mums have a way of easing
tension...and making it worst sometimes. Anywho, so I walk
back home because I'm not walking into 7-11 w/snot hanging
out my nose and my eyes are blood shot..but I manage to
explain everything to her...and slightly fib a little...ok
a lot. I told her everything about the car but I threw in
there that I was fired from my job already...I think I
threw that in there because I knew at that point that I
wasn't going to fight for my job at ER Solutions and I just
wanted to go to Alabami and if she knew I could still work
something out up here w/the job and whatnot then she'd help
me stay up here...which isn't what I wanted anymore.
Anyways...ok I'm really going into every little detail so
I'm going to sumarize: I bought my greyhound ticket
today...I'll leave 4:35pm Sunday and be in Alabami 1:35pm
Wednesday...Karen is going to buy my futon and some other
furniture and she'll ship out my computer/movies/books
August 15 and send me the excess money from the sale...Mum
wants me to join the Air Force for 2yrs and is secretly
ecstatic (she's trying to hide it but I know her too well)
that I'll be living about only 6hrs away now...I'll stay
w/Nichole for now but she's also going to see about getting
me an apartment that's opening up in her complex...she says
the apartments are really nice/affordable and go fast.

So, that's it in a nutshell. I was seriously freakin' out
at first but now it's cool. I just felt like I lost control
of everything in that instant (yesterday) and I couldn't
handle it. Karen and Mum made me feel a lot better about
the whole thing though. Karen told me this is the kind of
stuff I should be doing at my age. She said too many 20
somethings try to be all serious and work so hard and don't
experience the time they're in their 30's
they're exhausted and wished they would have had more fun
in their youth. I'm going to Alabami to just live it up.
I'm not leaving anything behind here in Washington and
there's so much opportunity for me down there. I've been
sending out resumes galore today so hopefully I'll get some
call backs by the time I get down there.

It's exciting though because I met a cool guy, Brian,
online a few days ago and we've been talking like crazy
about everything and he only lives about 45mins-1hr from
Nichole so we've already said we're going to have to meet
up so he can show me around gay Birmingham. He said there's
a lot of gay culture in Birmingham and Nichole is thinking
about going clubbing next friday (her birthday) and if
Brian isn't busy he may come down and party w/us and
hangout at Quest...which is suppose to be THE gay club.
Nichole says it's always packed and Brian confirmed he said
it's a lot of fun. Well, I think that's it....oh and as far
as my cadillac grill...well, I decided not to pay for the
test and just signed over the title to the auto
now I don't owe them anything. I had called around to the
various junkyards and none of them were interested in
buying the car and i didn't want to run the risk of selling
it in the paper and getting little/no return on I
just gave it to them...bastards. Later.

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