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2003-07-29 20:03:49 (UTC)

So Adam is leaving tomorrow. I..

So Adam is leaving tomorrow. I am quite bummed by it, 10
days without him! Ugh! I don't think I will see him
before he leaves, i'm working now and the only chance I
have is if he comes to visit or i go see him later. He
will be in Canada for quite some time.
But I've been having the weirdest dreams. The first I
was Peter Pan, no lines memorized and we did the show, Adam
was there but I don't remember why. Another was we were in
some building on the 18th floor. It was under construction
and you had to scale a foam/rubber wall to get up there.
Then you had to crawl through a small cubby hole to get
into the conference room. Dan was there (he had arrived
earlier with a laser pen up the stairs in all tan clothes)
and I declared my love for him. What was that all about I
don't know. Earlier that night I had dreamt

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