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2003-07-29 14:47:07 (UTC)

Sorry Its been so long

Ok sorry its been ages since my last entry I'll try to fit
it all the things I should have written in the past month.
Its been a busy July for me doing not much else but having
fun. Gone to work with the usuals, drinking with my friends
and clubbing mostly. 12th July i went a bbq with my best
friend Del and alot of his other friends which I knew. We
had a lot of fun, lots of music and lots of funny things
were said amongst ourselves. We went to Jaime's house, a
girl that did the same course as Deren in college who I
vaguely I had brief encounters with. Kayan also came there,
she couldn't come for my birthday but it was so good to see
her again. Also there was Deren's cousin Daniel there. We
met eachother once before when we went out of my birthday
and well we just take the piss out of eachother really =p.
Following week I went out clubbing at G-A-Y, now on a
regular thing on a Monday. I got a new phone with a new
contract, shopped for a bit and also did alot more
dancing :). July 21st I went clubbing again, met my friend
Baz and Dan and a few other people in the club. The
following Friday I went clubbing again with my friend Deano
and group of people from Essex. Stayed up that whole night
and went to work the next morning with no sleep. It was a
fun night its good to see Deano, last night was about a
month ago and it was a good night. Oh well I'll let you
know how i get on in a few, take care now ;)