Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-07-29 06:39:08 (UTC)

Know what..

My birthday is in 6 days! 18 here we come! And yet I am
still unemployed...I was thinking of going down to the
Walden Bookstore in the mall and stalking all of the
employees there until they agree to give me a job. Or
atleast until I get my copy of Megatokyo.(that comic
rocks) That or I could goto Software Ect. and plead for my
job back....Naw, they don't deserve me..Heh. Still though,
I am in need of som serious cashflow....This guy in
yahoopool is taking forever >_< Why must they make me wait
for sooo lonnnnng....I shall punish him severly! Oh, nm,
he's goin...Any way like i was saying. I need cash! Other
job options are open I guess but I want to work at a
bookstore...I applied ata dog cleaners place one time, i
dunno if i could handle the constant barking and whining,
and you have to be friggin quick. So that idea flew out
the window. Then last week I saw an ad in the
paper "MASCOT NEEDED" It didn't give a address or phone
number, all except this little P.O. Box address. so that
got me a little suspicious and I figured it wasn't for
real. Some freaks probably wanted to get theys kicks off
watchin unsespecting people jump around in a costume while
performing insanely stupid dance routines. Oh well. I'll
just have to continue my mission to grab the Walden
job....If nothing else, they are looking for
movie/musicvideo/commercial extras...Maybe I oughta start
practicing my fake background chatter. *shrugs* guess
we'll see what falls into place.

Toodles, poodles and ramen noodles!