thats absurd
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2003-07-29 05:40:48 (UTC)

Time to take out the ole typin fingers...

Oh, its been a while hasnt it kids. I submit that it has.

Lately ive been thinking about things i want to do but have not the drive
or support to exsecute these dreams. One (or 2) of which is making a
movie(or 2).

One of them (hopefully the shorter one of them) will be a filmed version
of my play "God beckett us all". Its about me, but me is 4 people minus
one, really, different parts of me.

One other of them is one that i have not yet writen but am currently
brainstorming and is about my slow dissent into un-insanity that seams
rather like insanity in the Un-un-insane world we live in. I change
through relationships with Girls, my parents, my lethargy, my fith and
sixth grade teachers and yadda yadda yadda.

if anyone wants to help, i would like it.

SO (DDAAMMIITT!!!!) ae you all, what do you think. If you where to
make a movie, what would it be about? Get back to me on that.
MMMMkay? mmmmmKay.



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