The Story of my Life
2003-07-29 05:09:35 (UTC)

'More Later'

Skyler...has brought around a friend... Michael Dale
deStephano.....He is my age, drives a red jetta, major
hottie. He has a thing for me....This makes things
difficult cause I like him, and if I was single....I would
be ALL OVER THAT. But God Damn Hank. Randall Likes me
also. Or liked. Same situation. I havn't seen him in
awhile. I think he's given up. I have two guys who each
would treat me so good-bring me the world....but I'm stuck
on Hank. Hopefully it will work out, or I'm getting FUCKED.
TONY: The only that stood a chance against Hank. Screwed
me over. Chose Natalie over me. Just like Cody. We made
out. Now Angela hates me. Havn't talked to him in awhile.
KITTEN: Fletcher. My baby. Sophie has abandoned me. I
guess I abbandoned him. Didn't mean to. Stupid living
situation. What to do?

What to do with anything? Where to live? How do I get
money? What to do with my boyfriend? When will I stop
being so sick? So many questions...I could go on and on
and on......The Lillingtons 'Your The Only One'

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