Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-07-29 05:06:12 (UTC)

Half-Way There

This afternoon, I finished my Western Civilization II
final exam at approximately4:25PM. As I walked out the
door, I felt a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders.
Throughout this whole summer session, something has been
going on that has made my life more complicated. But oh
well, sometimes that makes life fun.

With the end of the summer session, my second year in
college is in the books. I am a Junior in college
already. In fact, I am 2 classes away from being a
Senior. As I reach the half-way point in my undergraduate
career, I am going to look back at some of the things I've
learned along the way and how I have grown.

College life has really helped me mature. Being on my
own, I have had to deal with paying the bills, keeping
track of multiple tasks, being organized and efficient,
and growing up in general. I have always been mature,
especially for my age. The transition to college was very
smooth, almost natural. As expected, I didn't have a
problem with homesickness or becoming a partier or
anything like that.

In the past 2 years, I have learned so much about myself.
I have learned about qualities that I never knew I had. I
have developed the qualities, especially my writing, that
weren't really given a true chance to blossum in high
school. The people that I have had the privlidge of
knowing in this time span have brought out very positive
things about me. I am truly evolving and I love it.

Since moving to Orlando, my life is getting direction. It
took 2 years but I have finally found a major (well 2 plus
that Statistics minor) that I really enjoy and can see
myself working in. I think that being in the Histpry
program has really helped me and makes me happy. It's a
lot of work and a lot of paper writing, but in the end, it
will be well worth it. I think that this is the diverse
field that God has designated me to be in. I think He
wants me to build a life out of this.

I also think that God has given me the tools to make me
someone special. That's "The Destiny Theory". I truly
think that God may have a special plan in store for me. I
really believe that I am an extraordinary person with a
lot to offer the world. I have become very ambitious and
hungry and I couldn't be liking that more. My gut tells
me I could do and/or see some amazing moments.

One of the things that has impressed me most is how I am
sticking to my morals. I will not sell out. I will not
cheat. I will do what I believe is right. I don't go out
and get wasted. I work my ass off and despite not seeing
as much in rewards as I may like, I press on. It gives me
a lot of substance and credibility.

Motivation has there all along. Now I am motivated more
than ever. And most of my driving force comes from
within. Sure I have my family, but outside of that there
isn't much. I want my degrees more than anyone could
imagine. I may want to graduate more than any student at
UCF. I will be the first person in my family to get a
Bachelor's degree in 45 years (I think). Nothing will sop
me. When graduation time at UCF comes, I will not be
standing in cap and gown. I will not be done with
school. Then I will go on and kick some ass in graduate

All in all, I really hope that I have just began my
college career. I have enjoyed it to this point and look
forward to progressing even farther. The people who I
have become friends with have been true blessings. I want
to be the first in my family's known history to have an
advanced degree. And with the first two years in the
books, I feel that I am well on my way to accomplishing
the first of my many goals in life.

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