The Story of my Life
2003-07-29 04:57:57 (UTC)


WORK-Just went back to Old Navy after my 1month break.
SCHOOL-Graduated from Taft. Accepted to Brooks. (Can't go)
FRIENDS-In touch with Amy again. Still Caitlyn.
BOYFRIEND-Hank. I love him to death and want to have his
GUYS-Cody: Cutie that will always be my friend, but I no
longer have 'those' feelings for. Raul: Friend;still talk
to quite often. Nate deBest: Still with GF Stacy. Connor:
Caitlyn had cyber with him. Still with tiffany. Cutler:
Fighting fires in montana?
NATHAN: Moved to Bend. Still in contact. Making tenative
camping plans. Who knows with that one. I love him
still....but Hank is my "one." There is no one that comes
even close to comparing to how I feel about him...Lord
knows why. He belittles me, is scruffy, lazy, unmotivated,
selfish..etc. But he is so adorable and when he IS
sweet...all is made up for.
LIVING: Staying at Derek's. Stuff at Hank's parents. Sefa,
AJ, Ben, Eddie, Ashley.....More later. People coming