Used n Abused
2003-07-29 01:30:23 (UTC)

My Life now

Hello ,yea i know i take forever to write in here. But I
mean it this time. Im really gonna start writing in here.
LEts SEE Im sure as HELL NOT with GATLIN no more.. dumped
his ass in jan. or something? ummm lets see. im not with no
one.. Im trying to get with MARVin Jr.. I dont know whats
taking him so long to ask me out. OMG gUESS WHAT Bill Wells
is with SARAH!!!!! WHY DID he have to pick that skinny ass?
well i guess its cause shes been married ?? or he just only
like well's? Oh well I could have him? maybe? Ok ok I know
i couldn't but i can Always DREAM!anywho. Stephanie called
me up friday and said she was sorry. haha ok.. it took her
3 months to call. well i didnt know what to i
guess we're talking now. but i dunno if i can be
bestfriends with her anymore. she acted as if she didnt
talk shit about im the only one who did
something.. fuck all i did was kiss a fucking boy she
liked.. fuck get over it...ahh im cussin and i dont cuss..
well i dunno. umm .. ohhhh And another thing is steph was
going with marvin before... so that was not good. so i
dunno what im gonna do. ..she'll have to get over it if i
go with him.. THATS A IF?!!!?!?!?! tomorrow i might go to
houston with dad. yay i get to see charity!!!! yay!!! but i
dunno if dad will let me go.. i hope soooo...pleasee im
gonna beg and everything, and if he still says no im gonna
call aunt dolly and make her tell him ~~!!!lol well i
dunnoz im bored. eww gatlin keeps trying to hoook up with
me...nope nope. Um uh i was gonna kill Jessie yesterday he
was being a arsehole~!!! tryin to act like a big man.
retard!lolol. My MY im being mean.. well back to be a nice
person...bye bye love yas xoxo mwazz peace god bless. pray
4 love laure.
i'll write later when i have more to say