Nick's Journal
2003-07-29 00:24:35 (UTC)


so i'm back from california, after having spent a 2 weeks
with my girlfriends family. despite popular belief i
actually had a lot of fun with my girlfriend's family, the
only problem though is that you have to "watch" yourself,
(which i thought i did a good job of).......except for the
wedding that is.......but anyhow.
i loved california except for the prices, traffic, and
disgusting paranoid hippies. i think that hippies are so
funny really, they are truly some of the most egotistical
people i've ever met in my life. every single one i've
come into contact with believes that the american
government has a personal vendetta out for them. i mean
who else do you know has the audacity to believe that they
are the focus of the american government? i guess it is
highly correlated with their (ironically false) belief
that they are highly intelligent.
seriously i sat there and listened to this guy go on
raving to this other hippie about hwo he was
being "persecuted" for his beliefs. and how he believes
he is labeled as a domestic terrorist and that they "feds
are after him". gimme a break. that's about as
ridiculous as a gorilla crushing an insect that's munching
on a leaf in his domain. these guys aren't worth shit and
their "theories" are ridiculous.
i've also noticed that cali doesn't have any good radio
stations (atleast where i was). most of it is this new
age, esoteric bullshit, there was, however, one good
station which played some decent shit. of course i
realized how unlikely i was to hear "good" music when
juliann's brothers switched from baba o'riley to some new
age stuff. see, from where i come from, if you're going
to change it from the who, you had better damn well be
changing it to jesus's speech about the day of rapture.
but overall it was a lot of fun.
i realized that the only thing worse than a drunk asshole
is a drunk asshole who believes himself to be a great
fisherman but doesn't catch anything while you do. see i
went fishing with her father, and we hda the misfortune of
sharing the boat with the abovementioned persona. that
dipshit blamed everybody and everything but his own bad
luck (not like there's that much skill), as we hauled in
some fish. he kept on pulling his line up to check if the
bait was still on, which was ridiculous considering that
the bait was a minnow completely harpooned on a hook.
so that's about the summation of my summer thus far.

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