Nick's Journal
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2003-07-29 00:15:42 (UTC)

False Dichotomies (Dilemmas) as a paradigm

man i gotta shit, that's for damn sure. anyhow i was just
thinking of something that could potentially make me seem
smart. have you ever noticed how there are such extremes
in our life? nature vs. nurture, man vs. machine, etc.
it's as if we can't grasp the fact that there are no clear
divides in life. most people can not grasp the fact that
many a time there really is no dilemma between
two "opposing" forces, they simply do not want to concede
that a lot of thoughts, etc. are products of hybrid
theories. of course that's not anything too new
considering that we have no problem using (and abusing)
time as a subjectional experience, yet claiming that it
has a universal premise that applies to all of our lives.
now, i got to shit.

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