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2003-07-28 23:36:22 (UTC)

Catching Up (Again!)

This month has been a blur. The quotation on the basics
page for today sums it up.

The garden is growing well, I've taken up walking an hour
every morning, the weather is hot and church activities are
keeping me busy.

This morning we had Sunday School and church and Carol told
me that if I liked I could teach the children's Sunday
School sometime. I'd love that! Karen told me
she had chickens and when I asked if she had eggs for sale
she said yes. They get two dozen eggs a day. I asked her
the price-- $1.25 a dozen, she told me so I asked if she'd
bring me two dozen at choir practice on Tuesday. The
sermon today was on the bible story of the loaves and the
fishes and Jesus walking on the water, two of my favorites
in the New Testament. I have blocks of both of those
in my Bible quilt which I hope someday to finish.

Except for a VBS meeting and choir practice on Tuesday,
church activities for this week will be pretty limited but
the first two weeks of August will be hectic. Choir
practice on Tuesdays, a potluck on Wednesday, August 6th,
followed by making ice cream for the ice cream social we're
having between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. the following Saturday.
The week after that there's Vacation Bible School on
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. Church activities
will calm down after that a bit with the next big thing
happening in early December with the craft fair.
Of course, I'm already making lists of crafts I want to make
for this. There are catnip mice to knit as well as caps and
mittens, fabric ornaments of various types to make, maybe
some sock monekys and perhaps even a few doll quilts! Well,
we'll see how ambitious I get.

For the first time in quite a while I'm reading two books
simulatenously. I'm also thinking of listening to a book on
tape but maybe that's too much.

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