Eyes of a fallen angel

Just another Disturbance
2003-07-28 18:19:47 (UTC)

Just A Jew

You sit in the train car listening to the nazi’s footsteps
outside the door.
You think to yourself. Is this the last breath I will take?
Is this the last sound I will hear?
Will I ever see my family again?
Is this the last thing I’m going to think about?
You sit there totally still and silent trying not to move a
muscle, thinking if you did they would kill you.
You hear the footsteps pass your door.
You sigh then in an instant the door slams open and POW
your dead. In just a spilt second and its all over. No more
worrying. No more tears. No pain. No nothing. No one will
ever notice your dead right? I mean you’re just a Jew.
You’re one in 6 million.
Why would they notice you?
You are a victim of the holocaust. The holocaust is apart
of history. So you are apart of history. Someone will
always remember. They will remember all that you suffered.
Wait! You’re not dead. You wake up and realize its all a
dream. That it’s all in the past, or is it? Is it only
going to get better? All you can think about now is how
you, you out of thousands, survived.
You ask me why couldn’t you have died like everyone else?
Well I don’t know. I just know many people are fascinated
by your past, wants to learn more. Why do you ask? Well I
really don’t know.