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2003-07-28 05:18:00 (UTC)

I newzea story - when only truth can free your mind

I will start to sell books on a big event. The gov contest to people get jobs like teacher on public school on my country. And I have a newzealand story : )
I watched it on tv.
Well there was four men sealing and the boat lost on sea. They passed starving and thirsty. And start to fight because of civilization things they had lost.
I think the microwave the tv the videogame the football the
pizza the cash the telephone and other things money could get and cash itself. They fought trying to blame each other
about to make that trip on sea and lost all good things.
After many weeks fighting and starving tired of all. They
stoped the fighting and everything lost the meaning. Then
they look around after eating small pieces of bread and drops of water. They found a fishing web. And start to fish
and eat flesh fish. Each people was happy when it was their
turn to fish. And then they passed other month on harmony and happiness fishing. Then a wind turned back and took back
people to country. The boat crashed and they swom to the beach and walked till a home. I think the first home has only food not a telephone. They made a good dinner happy : )
And then they found another house with phone and call civilization.
Well It could teach people that all things are false specially the money. The first thing a nature being wants
is the water to drink and food to eat and later shelter.
People first eat at a home without phone and later gone to
a house with phone and called civilization.
On the sea they passed starving because they learnt early
that have limitations made by civilization. And after lost
everything but life they openend the eyes for reality and save their whole life. And become friend back even they had
nothing that could be owned.
It remembers matriX movies free your mind and that move the Testament tales the truth will redempt you.
Thanks by reading.