Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-07-28 03:11:18 (UTC)

A Not So Grand Finale

This evening I got Nicole's response to what I thought
about her. She doesn't feel like I do. I'm not upset.
Actually, I am somewhat relieved. We can put this both
behind us, move along in our friendship, and be there for
when we need each other.

I'm not mad at Nicole. I guess she just thinks that we
wouldn't be compatible. Like I previously said, it takes
two to make things work and that's the way it goes. I am
fine with it.

From here I am not sure where I will go. I don't think
that I know any other girls that have potential. So I'll
probably just take a short break. In that span, I am
going to kick some ass on the GRE, move to my own place,
and enjoy my freedom.

As long as me and Nicole have each other as good friends,
I will be happy with it. We have a good time with each
other and enjoy the time that we have spent together. I
don't see things really changing between us, except maybe
me being a bit more relaxed (which definitely isn't a bad
thing). I guess any possibility of being with Nicole is
over and I am already accepting of that.

I am extremely happy that this whole thing didn't ruin our
friendship. In fact, it probably will make it better.
Many times, I have seen a situation like this with someone
being hurt and/or screwed over. I don't see that here and
that makes me happy.

Essentially, Chris and Nicole will not happen. That's
fine as long as Chris and Nicole are friends. We depend
on one another and have made each other happier people.
We confide in each other and base our friendship on the
trust that has been established.

Thank You Nicole. You are an awesome person. Remember
that. The things that you have done for me are amazing.
You have been there when I needed you to be and I have
nothing but respect for you because of it. No matter what
you do you life, remember that you are a special person
with that is built on substance. Friends forever.