2003-07-27 17:20:47 (UTC)


everyone hates sunday. especially me, major cramps. ugh. i
also havent been feeling that great for the past couple
weeks, no energy. all i have energy to do is work, and it
takes it all up. next week i have orange team (9-14 year
old boys)and i work more than 4 hours. thats going to take
a buttload of ive been taking more supplements
than usual and resting a lot. i just got done reading
rebecaa, it was on the summer reading list. it was an
awesome book, but just too damn long. i still have 3 more
to read. one book, the chosen, is about jews. the other is
a play and then the last on im not even going to attempt to
read, its pride and prejudice. no way.
i dont want school to start. im totally gonna be drained
then. or maybe it will help me bc then ill have an
obligation to get things done and ill build up the need
iron and energy.
jill and i are still not really talking. im the one that
has to approach her about everything, and thats not right.
oh well, im not going to worry about it, i have more
important things to worry about.
saw nilson the other day. same ol' same ol. hes leaving
soon i guess, that sucks. then again it might be good for
him to get away from this town, god knows i want to.
somewhere where no one knows who you are and you can start
over. in ocala everyone knows who you are and are somehow
linked to you. its crazy. and no one forgets anything
you've done or said. bc ppl in ocala have nothing better
to do than remember about everything and gossip about
everything, and the sad thing is im prob just as bad as the
rest of ocala. damn ocala.
maybe if i do better in school this year ill get out. or
ill just go live with roby in west virgina..haha oh

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