Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-07-27 17:15:13 (UTC)

haunted night

Ok so last night was one of the scariest nights ever:
Shaunna, Main Matt, Kelly, Jonathann and I went at 3 in
the morning to a haunted mental insitute place. Ok, so we
1st walked in the Kitchen area. Just imagine big freezers,
stoves, tables...etc. Then the 1st thing we saw when we
got in the middle of that room was blood on the floor that
wasn't even too old or dried yet. It had to be left there
in the last 48 hours. And then we notice older blood that
had been splatters on a wall at one time. It was at that
point that we left the Kitchen. We then moved on to
medical part, then the living quaters. In all this place
was the scariest place I have ever seen. Every window had
been busted, everydoor broken, graffitti was everywhere,
paint and cieling were peeling, we saw a shotgun shell,
police tape, blood, a padded room, and a cat scan table
thingy. We ended up staying there an hour and I will tell
you it was 55 min too long. We are going to go back during
the day one day and then maybe get a whole bunch of people
and go back at night.

Other things that happened last night:
Katelyns wedding shower where I got to see all my friends
and then almost cry cause I somewhere along the line lost
one of them.
and then a going away party for friends. (note to self:
don't ever have a "party" at a bar...bad idea)

Anwho that's all for now