champagne supernova
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2003-07-27 06:43:20 (UTC)

beta fish

today was my little sisters birthday, shes 4 years young
today. what a memorable day. i dont remember much from last
nite for some reason, just that i talked to bobby for a
bit and he was mad/ angry becasue he was in a minor car
accident. literally, a fender bender. but hey shit happens
to the best of us. oh yes! i remember now! since i have
moved, i havent gotten the chance to really "go out" so i
called up my buddy carrera and we decided to go out to
lunch at the california grill, we did so and we ran into
preston again! he's a very intresting guy, he sat down with
us while we had lunch. he told us about how lifes been and
such. i shared my veggies and garlic bread with him and it
was a nice time, carrera dosnt care for his company, but
thats only becasue he keeps trying to figure her out.

but after that he sorta hung around us, and we had a
movie to catch in 20 minutes, so we said au revoir, and
went to see pirates of the carribean. i loved it, great
movie i highly recommend you all go and see it! johnny
depp is wonderful, and so is orlando bloom ! great great
movie! ~savvy~

anywho, so today mom and i and lilly had a tasty
breakfast together this morning, and then this afternoon we
went up to palm park, mom let me drive which was very
cool. adn we spent some time there, i confussed one fo
those little animals that you see that are painted, and
plastic, that have springs on the bottom of them and the
little kids ride them. i had an out of brain moment when i
confussed a beaver spring animal for a cow spring sad. lol, then some friends came over , and we
all played monopoly, which lasted forever and i won of
course. lol and we had some dinner, birthday cake, and
lilly did presents. good times good times. and i got the
idea to get lilly a fish ! so mom went to petco and bought
her a beta fish, its blue, and lilly named him dory. lol to
good. so im looking at "dory " who happens to be sitting
in his tank right next to my computer, and i like this
fish yes i do. and thats all there is to it. but enough
for gonna hit the sack. very tired. and yes i w
ould be happy to cook for people who are going off to
college...not to bad from going to burning instant cookies,
to homemade salad dressing, cheesecakes, french onion soup
and a strawberry spinach sald, sloppy joes, spaghetti
sauce, and my next project : german apple cake....wish me
luck, and keep in mind its all homemade...and i do need
taste testers! gotta run! one week!!!!! hes comming!!!
woo hoooooo!

enjoying summer~*fancy